Mor Kali More Kali Recipe | Mor Kuzhu Recipe

Mor Kali is a very traditional and authentic dish prepared with buttermilk and rice flour. It is common in Tamil Brahmin families. It can be prepared in a matter of 10-15 minutes and can be had as a tiffin or snack item. You do not need any side dish for this and can be taken as it is. If required, you can have any pickle or just maavadu water as a side dish. I love to have this hot without any accompaniments. This is a very healthy dish which will come handy when you want to satisfy your hunger cravings immediately. What I am trying to say is just take a few minutes to prepare healthy dishes like this when you have mid-morning or mid-afternoon cravings in between meals.

Mor Kali Recipe Ingredients

Rice flour 1 cup

Butter milk 2 cups

Hing a small pinchUrad

Urad dhall 1/2 t.spoonMustard 1/4 t.spoonGreen

Mustard 1/4 t.spoonGreen

Green Chillies 6-8

Curry leaves a small bunchVetha

Vetha Mulaka (dried red chillies in buttermilk) Optional

Cooking oil 2 t.spoon

Salt 3/4 t.spoon

Mor Kali Recipe Method

Make a batter with rice flour, buttermilk, and salt.Fry mustard in oil and wait till it splutters, then add urad dhall, hing, curry leaves, vetha mulaka, and green chilies, and wait for a few minutes, and then add the rice flour batter. Keepstirring until the rice flour gets cooked, usually takes about10 minutes. Easy and tasty recipe ready.

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