Spinach Vadai Recipe| Crack Wheat Bread Spinach Vada Recipe

Spinach Vada Ingredients

Moong dhal 2 cups

Channa dhal 1 cup

Rice 1/2 cup

Spinach 1 bunch finely chopped

Ginger a small piece grated

Green Chillies 3-4

Hing a small pinch

Salt 1 t.spoon

Cooking Oil for frying

spinach vada Recipe is prepared similarly to urad dal medu vada or uddina vada, just that we add spinach and finely chopped onions. palak medu vada is popular breakfast recipe served with idli, sambar and chutney. spinach medu vada is shaped liked a doughnut and deep fried till it becomes golden brown. Moreover keerai vadas are dipped with coconut sambar and topped with coconut chutney. I love to have the spinach vada floating in a sambar bowl. however,  to have this medu vada separately with chutney and sambar. there are several ways to prepare this authentic keerai vada, however, use mixer grinder to prepare this recipe. Here is the method to prepare spinach vada recipe.

Spinach Vadai Recipe

Spinach Vada Recipe 

first, soak the dhal for 1 hour in water. Grind ginger, green chillies, hing, salt and the soaked dhal coarsely. Now add  chopped spinach and makes small balls and take a bowl and pour some oil then deep fry these balls. spinach vada is ready to eat.

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