Water Melon Juice

water melon juice originated from southern africa. Most of people like this because of it’s sweet,bland and bitter flavor. Watermelon contains high number of nutrients. In 100 grams of serving watermelon can supply 30 calories. It contains 90% water, 6% sugars and 4% fat.

Watermelon are edible and also used to prepare kitchen foods like pickles. The juice can also made into wine or blended with other fruits.


Water Melon Juice

Prep Time : 6-10 minutes
Cook time : 6-10 minutes
Serve : 4
Level Of Cooking : Easy
Taste : Tangy


Ingredients for Water Melon Lemonade Recipe

Large water melon peeled, seeded and cut into big cubes 1/2
Lemon squash 4 tablespoons
Lemons 3
Fresh mint leaves 30
Drinking soda bottles 3


Step 1

Cut watermelon cubes into small pieces and keeping aside a few pieces put the rest into a mixer jar. Add lemon squash, juice of ½ lemon, 6 fresh mint leaves and grind.

Step 2

Cut remaining lemons into small pieces and put them into 4 stemmed glasses. Put 6 fresh mint leaves in each glass.

Step 3

Fill up the glasses till half with drinking soda.

Step 4

Put a few of the reserved melon pieces into each glass. Fill up the glasses with watermelon puree.

Step 5

Serve immediately.


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